Montecarlo Simulation in Excel

Decisions under uncertainty conditions

Developed by Luciano Machain - Copyright 2010

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Remember that you must install the module "Office Web Componets v10.0" and the Security Update for Microsoft Office XP Web Components (KB947320) before installing SimulAr in 32 bits versions of Windows. For 64 bits versions of Windows you must install the module "Office Web Components v11.0". For a complete setup guide, please click here.


NEW: Download SimulAr v2.6 for Excel

(solve problems with msflxgrd and OWC)


                                                   Download SimulAr v2.5 for Excel 2007 and 2010

                                                   Download SimulAr v2.5 for Excel 2003

Download SimulAr v2.5 for Excel 2007/2010/2013 (32 bits) and Windows 7 version 64 bits

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When I started this website a couple of years ago; the idea was to share knowledge and offer a free alternative to other montecarlo simulation packages available on the market that cost over USD 1,500. By using SimulAr you can solve almost all of the same kind of problem completely free of charge.

If you have to make a decision that involves uncertainty conditions, SimulAr will help you and, as a result, you will probably save some money, specially if you are working under a big project or a big company.

The world financial crisis affects all of us so we need to deal with huge volatility. SimulAr is a perfect software to model such a kind of scenarios either in the company you work (for example, to forecast sales or cash flows) or in your personal life (for example, to predict the amount of money you will need in the future to pay a mortgage).

Now, let think about that: nowadays, the number of visitors is increasing month by month and some of the visitors started to ask me questions about the software, setup problems and so on. Thus, I spend some hours of my time to answer emails. I also have to pay for a webhosting service and, of course, to continue to improve SimulAr.

In a couple of words: I have to invest time and money for this website.

So the point is:

I need your help to keep this site alive. If you like SimulAr and it helps you, please make a donation. Specially, if you have used the software in a company or for a personal project, consider that $5, $10 or whatever you want is nothing compared to the value added that SimulAr will probably give you.

Donations are done through the well-known and safe website PAYPAL by clicking on the next icon. If you don't have a PAYPAL account, it is extremely easy to create one, just follow the instructions.

I don't get your personal information and you can donate the amount you want, even USD 1 is good enough. Remember that similar software costs hundred of dollars. I understand that you may want to try SimulAr first, so if you decide to make a donation after that, there is a donation icon on the home page at




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