User license agreement:


SimulAr is not a freeware program but rather it is software considered "emailware", what means that you have to send me an email with your comments about the program and the model developed in Excel in order to share it with the rest of users through the SimulAr Website. Anyone who uses SimulAr without completing these conditions will be working with an illegal copy. SimulAr goal is to “scatter” simulation and risk analysis technique both in academic and business environment. Every time a user builds a simulation model will be helping another one to know this methodology and describing in what situations or context it is possible to apply a simulation. The most efficient way to achieve this goal is publishing the model you built in the SimulAr Website. Nevertheless, considering the characteristics of confidentiality your model could have, it is possible to publish a model with fictitious data, always respecting the essence of the original problem.








It is not allowed to make any change or publication of SimulAr without author’s previous authorization.



Montecarlo Simulation in Excel

Decisions under uncertainty conditions

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